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Question: What do we need to do to take a car abroad ?

Answer: Firstly, whilst your Irish car insurance  covers you for third party risks in other European Union countries, it is advisable to have fully comprehensive car insurance. Contact your car insurance company to check whether  your policy covers you for comprehensive cover in EU countries  and if not arrange to extend your comprehensive cover to the relevant countries in which you will be driving.

Secondly we strongly recommend you take out European motoring breakdown assistance insurance with an Irish provider. This covers expenses you may incur as a result of a breakdown, accident, fire or theft resulting in the insured vehicle being immobilised or dangerous to drive and is backed by a 24-hour service. 

Please familiarise yourself with the legal requirements for the relevant countries, for example carrying a warning triangle, yellow flash jacket, breathalyser kit, spare set of bulbs etc. Consider getting your car serviced before your holiday.

You should  ensure that you take all car documentation with you including your vehicle registration document.